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HK Sexual Health Centre
HK Sexual Health Centre is the first integrated sexual health centre in Hong Kong providing a complete range of specialised sexual health services including sexually transmitted disease (STD) screening and treatment, male and female sexual dysfunction treatment and relationship & marital counselling.  Our team of professionals with strong background in medical, nursing and medical science are all trained in overseas Universities.  Our in-house laboratory provides direct, confidential, efficient and specialised services in detection of STD and HIV with the most advance technology including 4th generation HIV test, ELISA and molecular (DNA) technology.  This, not only reduces turnaround time in obtaining results, but we can ensure laboratory results are verified by both laboratory and medical professional.  Most STD and HIV test results, including DNA tests can be obtained within 1-2 days.
Apart from providing clinical services, our Centre is dedicated to teaching and medical research with local and internaltional universities at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. Being part of Neo-Health Care, we provide a wide range of other health services including comprehensive health screening, family medicine/general practice, specialist consultation and vaccination services. 
Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9:00am to 6:00pm
Saturaday: 9:00am to 1:00pm
Sunday and Public Holiday: Closed

By Appointment (Standard Consultation fee - $400-$800 (15-30mins))
** We strongly recommend clients to seek medical advises and risk assessment  by our sexual health physician in order the most appropriate tests and/or mangement plan can be arranged at the best possible time.
Address:    21st/F, Li Dong Building, Li Yuen Street East, Central, Hong Kong
(By MTR: MTR Exit C form Central or Hong Kong Station- See Contact Us for Map)
(By Taxi: Stop at H&M on Queen's Road Central or call us and we can give direction to the taxi driver)
Phone Number: (852) - 3162-0001
E-mail: sexhealth@neohealth.com.hk (or use e-mail enquiry system in Contact Us)
Payment Method:  Cash or Credit Cards (Visa or Master) 
We understand the importance of confidentiality in dealing with sexual health issues.  At our Centre, consultations and tests can be conducted anonymously to preserve your privacyHowever, in such as case, we would need an alias and a password; so that we can identify who you are, in order to give you the results and for future followup. Furthermore, our in-house laboratory service is conducted on-site to ensure sensitive information remain confidential.
HK Sexual Health Centre 
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