Female Genital Ulcer - Causes and Testing

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Female genital ulcer

The most common symptoms for Vulva Ulcer (ulceration of the vulva skins and mucous membrane) include itchiness, redness, swelling or a burning sensation in the private part. The vulva ulcer usually occurs in the small labia and the big labia lip inside the vagina, as well as the vestibular mucous membrane and the vagina mouth periphery. It is a common belief that genital ulcer is caused by an unhygienic lifestyle, when in fact the disease can be transferred through sexual intercourse, pathogenic microorganism infection, venereal diseases or even cancer.


The causes of vulva ulcer

  1. Sexually Transmitted diseases

Some sexually transmitted infections can cause genital ulcers, such as genital herpes and syphilis.


Genital herpes

is caused by herpes simplex virus type II, which enters our body through our respiratory system or an open wound. When our immune system weakens, the latent virus becomes active. Type II genital herpes is mostly caused by sexual contact – highly contagious, unhygienic sex is the main cause of infection.

Tests needed:
Herpes simplex virus Type I test
Herpes simplex virus type II test
Varicella zoster (Raw snake) virus test
Cytomegalovirus test


is a chronic, systemic sexually transmitted disease caused by the white helicoid, mainly through the transmission of sexual pathways and it only humans are exposed to it. The vulva ulcer mainly stems from stage-one syphilis, the ulcer area is shaped like an oval with a clean-cut on the edges. Patients usually do not feel it at this stage.

Tests needed:
Treponema pallidum virus Test

  1. Nonspecific vaginitis

    Nonspecific vulvae Inflammation happens when the bacterium and vaginal secretion are stimulated by other physical or chemical factors. It is generally limited to small labia on the inside and out, with severe vulva swelling, congestion or ulcers under critical conditions. Women should keep the vulva clean and dry with loose undergarments.
  1. Chancroid

    also known as type-three sexually transmitted disease, is one of the classical diseases, caused by ducreyi influenzae, mainly through sexual contact transmission. The symptoms of this disease are genital ulcer and genital pain, often accompanied by purulent venereal disease of inguinal lymph nodes. An average incubation period consists of 2-3 days after infection.

Tests needed:
Haemophilus influenzae
Lymphatic granuloma trait virus

  1. Behcet's Disease

    Behcet's disease is a systemic vascular disease. Mucosal ulcer is one of its clinical features. Most of the patients suffer from oral ulcers. Subsequently, they will be exposed to genital ulcer for a few times.

    For females, Behcet's disease mainly involves genital ulcer in the vulva and vagina. The ulcer part is usually deep with tremendous pain which heals at a slow pace. Even now, the cause of Behcet's disease is still unclear, but it could be of multiple factors such as infection, heredity, environment and immune function.
  1. Vulvar Cancer

    Vulva cancer often takes place in the labia. Around one-third of vulvar cancer takes the form of ulcer, and the ulcer stays persistent. If the tumor is close to or on the urethra, the patient experience pain during urination.



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