Post Exposure Prophylaxis Treatment(PEP) Fee

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Post-Exposure Prophylaxis treatment in Hong Kong

is an antiviral treatment given to individuals to reduce the chance of seroconverting due to a potential HIV infection so as to prevent becoming infected.

Cost/Price : HK$7,900

*Price is subject to change depending on the prescription

PEP Medication Treating HIV in 72 hrs 

PEP (HIV pill, Medication) has been shown to be highly effective within 72 hours after a high-risk exposure to HIV, i.e. unprotected intercourse or needle injury, etc. 

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HIV Prevention Treatment

Treatment should begin as soon as possible after an exposure as its protective effect is reduced if begun after 72 hours. The usual course of treatment is 28 days.


How PEP prevent HIV?

It takes a few days for HIV to become established in the body following exposure. PEP drugs given at this time may help the body’s immune system to stop the virus from replicating (multiplying) in the infected cells of the body. The cells originally infected would then die naturally within a short period of time without producing more copies of HIV.

PEP Medication Research

Recent Research indicates if PEP is taken within 72 hours of exposure even HIV has already entered the body, can highly reduce an infected person's chance of being HIV positive. It is advised PEP should be taken as soon as possible within 72 hours of exposure as its effectiveness varies according to the timing of initiation. 

For PEP to be effective, the person who may have been exposed to HIV should strictly adhere to a four week drug regimen. If they do not adhere well to the daily medication doses it is less likely to work. In addition, if not taken properly they might run the risk of developing drug resistance to HIV drugs, which might affect the effectiveness of antiretroviral treatment if they become HIV positive in the future. 

You should consult a specialised medical professional before starting the treatment to assess your risk.  If you require PEP urgently


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