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Q. If I am over 46 years old and would like to take the vaccination now, will the vaccination still be effective?

A. Since HPV vaccination protects against future infections, it is better to be given at a younger age. However, it is still effective even if given after 46 years old. The recommended age group for vaccination is based on the age group used by research studies submitted for authority registration approval. Anyone seeks for vaccination should consult the doctor.

Q. Will there be any age limit for a Pap smear ?
A. A Pap smear check up is not necessarily age related but more depend on whether the first sexual contact has taken place and the check up time should be advised by doctor. Various countries may have different guidelines on the frequency of performing Pap smear. However, the following may serve as a reference:

Pap smear check up is needed 3 years after the first sexual contact, and will need to repeat after 12 months. If no specific cervical cell changes is found after these 2 checkups, then once in every 2-3 years would be appropriate.
If a combined Pap-HPV DNA test is used and the result is normal/negative, screening can be done once every 2-3 years. (The Pap-HPV DNA test is recommended by FDA for women over age 30).
However, if high-risk HPV genotype is found, an annual check up is recommended.
Regular check up should continue until or beyond 70 years old.
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